Monday, July 11, 2011

Bring On the Default!

I’m ready to see us exceed the debt ceiling and see what will happen. 

Greece seems to be doing okay, Spain and Portugal are still clicking along.  I’m pretty sure Ireland and Iceland are still there.  Us?  Talk about too big to fail.

Minnesota, last I heard has not slide under Wisconsin, which hasn’t slide into Lake Michigan.

I did like the President’s line today that it’s time to “eat our peas.”  But his buds and their opposition only want dessert in the way of scoring points with those they see likely to vote for them next year.

On the left, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are off the table.  On the right, that’s pretty much all we can cut from, and no tax increases on anyone, anytime, for any reason.

Boys and girls, that ain’t going to cut it. 

Maybe a double dip recession will help for those of us with jobs.  Think about it, the markets will tank again and you can ride them back up (assuming you get out in the next week or so).  If the markets crash, gas will probably go back down with them.

The poor, the halt and the weak?  They’ll still be around, in about the same shape as they were before the default same as in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The boys and girls in Washington will eventually cobble something together, fixing none of the structural problems, same as they did a couple of years ago to “fix” the most recent recession.

Then for a few years we can go back to our desperate, or not too bad, lives till the next time our representatives let things get to yet another crisis.

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fermicat said...

I'm not rooting for failure here. The markets may crash again and bounce back (and allow us to buy at low prices while this happens), but I have far more immediate (and selfish) concerns.

I haven't heard any threats of a shut down so far, but we have our vacation planned for early August. It consists almost entirely of hiking in national parks, and if the government screws up royally and somehow has to shut down and not open those parks I will hate every damn one of the idiots who prevented a timely solution FOREVER. Don't f*ck with my vacation, you partisan hacks. I NEED IT. Do your damn jobs and stop bickering. Yes, we could do other things if we are forced to, but if we wanted to do those alternates we would have planned a very different trip. Or we would have gone back to Canada and not had to worry about the parks closing.