Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Rainy Day in Georgia...

and according to Blogger, I still have nine followers.  That's either amazing or laziness on the part of the nine.

I came across the front page of the blog by mistake and learned a lesson, what you do on the internet never goes away - the Apple operating system has a feature that compiles your favorite websites and shows their front pages, as last visited.  I haven't used the feature in a few years and accidentally just swiped its icon.  There with NYTimes.com, The Washington Post and Google News was Rather Than Working.

The Blogger interface has changed and I'd forgotten my password; but, I found my way to the  posting interface.

And here we are.  Those of you that actually know me or are Facebook friends, run along now I'm going to update the other three or four of you.

I left you while I was renovating a condominium that I'd bought from Freddie Mac and looking for burgundy.  As it turned out, burgundy wasn't a good accent color and we used gold.  The place looks pretty good.  I, of course, spent more than I planned to spend and it took longer than I planned to take; but, the time and money spent weren't too, too bad.

Every now and again I think of something and think that would make a good blog post.  A couple of times I've actually started writing something and find that what I have to say is derivative of me or someone I've read.  It appears I have nothing to say other than Facebook one liners on the events of the day.

Hope you are all well.  Come see me on Facebook, Evad Knat.


The Curmudgeon said...

Well, I'm glad you're still with us. Even if in a very limited capacity.

I have attempted to seek you out on Facebook, most recently just this morning, but my skills are apparently inadequate to the task. Or Mr. Zuckerman's search function is inadequate. And, yes, I've looked forward and back.

So I do hope you'll continue to surface occasionally.

Dave said...

Hey Curmudgeon, Glad you are still around. Here's a link which worked when I tried it:


Jeni said...

As one who still follows your blog (on the rare occasions you do post here) and who also follows you on Facebook, I have to say it's nice to read a post here -even if it is about a lot of the things you talk about on Facebook. A little bit more "meat" on the blog than on Facebook -and that's nice to read!

Jack said...

Crystal ball department: You will shortly receive a friend request from a Chicago attorney who is not named Curmudgeon, but is nonetheless. Don't buzz it around.

Dave said...

Got it; and, I won't. I had you pictured as a young Spencer Tracey (Tracy?). More of a young Brian Dennehy?

And, Blogger wants me to sign in. I may send this as a FB Message.

Big Mark 243 said...

Evad Knat... got it..! Most redecorating/restoring things go over budget and thankfully this did not leave you as Michael Keaton/Shelly Long were left in 'The Money Pit'.

Good on you!! And even if it was laziness, you would come up with interesting and readable entries. I simply did not have the wit to comment regularly. Good to see you and be well!!

Nganjuk said...

halo...Crystal ball department: You will shortly receive a friend request from a Chicago attorney who is not named Curmudgeon, but is nonetheless. Don't buzz it around.

Nganjuk said...

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Memphis said...

Evad Knat, eh? OK, I'll try to look you up.

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