Monday, August 01, 2011

Spam comment detection comes just in time...

for the slow death of the blog.  To explain the title, I haven't been here for just over two weeks.  Blogger tells me I now have automatic spam detection enabled.  Not that I've written much, I haven't had a comment on anything I've written in awhile, though since I cross-post on Facebook, people do occasionally say something there.

The sub-title of the blog says "Comments, and on my pretentious days, essays, on what on a given day interests, amuses, annoys or outrages me."  Stuff still interests, amuses, annoys and, not so much, outrages me.  The comments are on Facebook and I'm too busy and a bit too burned out to write essays these days.

I just took a look at the "Blogs" sub-folder in my Favorites.  There are only three people in it that are still writing with any regularity:  Thomas, Jeni and Curmudgeon (the latter, I'm being kind, you're great but you aren't prodigious anymore).

I'd announce the end of Rather Than Working; but, that seems way too final, and unnecessary.  If and when it ends, I hope that it will finally answer that question about "if a tree falls in the forest...."


Jeni said...

Dave, I'd really hate to see you put "Rather Than Working" off in a blog cemetery! True enough, I do read your thoughts and occasional added writings on FB and my comments on many of the blogs I still follow faithfully have dwindled considerably over time. But ya know, even if you only come forward with an essay on a really infrequent basis, those usually are things that you have put lots and lots of thought into composing and pieces I have always very much enjoyed reading. (Well, the exception to that being when you would launch something heavy on the legalese side thus making it next to impossible for me to make heads or tails out of your writing then! LOL (Legalese and computerese -both two new languages that create a lot of confusion in my already over-crowded, usually very confused state of mind!) So I definitely would hate to see you "Deep Six" this place!

The Curmudgeon said...

I have slacked off this summer. Whether it's true or not, I feel like I write best in the mornings, and this summer I had a lot of writing to do for the Appellate Court. Unfortunately for me, given the results I've received from the Appellate Court in these various cases, I would have been better off blogging.

Or setting myself on fire.

Sonja's Mom said...

I don't blog any more now that I can post on Facebook and I read all your posts there. That being said, you write really well and I do enjoy you essays. Facebook just doesn't give you enough room to say all you want to say sometimes. For me it works just fine as I can rant in just a few words.