Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a Week

First, for “all” those who missed me, I’m back.  I learned yesterday that Blogger had shut me down for “suspicious” activity.  What it was, I don’t know.  There is a series of links you can use to verify yourself and get the lights turned back on.  I did and here I am, back in business, so to speak.

Second, in my spare time, over lunch on Tuesday, I bought a condo.  I suppose that’s a bit impulsive; but, I am now experiencing the wonders of the “short sale” process.

I had dinner last Saturday with friends, one of whom is a real estate agent.  We talked about short sales and he mentioned that he knew of several potentially good deals in the area.  I looked at one of them on Sunday but it turned out to be under contract.  I looked at another, over the lunch hour Tuesday.  The dollars were so compelling, I made an offer.  After some back and forth about details, the offer was “accepted” yesterday, kinda.

In a short sale, there are a bunch of people who have a say.  Me and the unfortunate seller of course.  The lender, the servicing bank and the mortgage insurance company.   Everyone has to say yes and everyone but me and the seller have a stack of folders that represent houses on which they’ve lost money on their desks.  They are overworked and unhappy.

Right now they are all tentatively on board; but, they have two weeks to back out, we’ll see.

Third, in the world of computers, phones and internet, none of the players like me.  Google, as noted above, burped and shut me down.  It’s Gmail service which I use with Android on my phone quit working, sometimes, other times working just fine.  The fix, I was told by the nice lady at T-Mobile was a “factory reset.”  Liar.  I still have the problem and between T-Mobile and Google, I can’t reload some of the apps.

Not to be outdone, AT&T has been flaky at the office for some time.  The decision was finally made to switch to Comcast which will happen on Monday.  AT&T’s DSL, apparently sensing the rejection has been even more flaky, shutting down, reappearing, shutting down, repeat constantly.

Fourth, for me, I’m working a lot amidst all of these distractions.  I’m going to have to do something about that.

How was your week?


Jeni said...

My week has been pretty doggone full too, amazingly enough! Been working, feverishly here trying to get all the various things completed so I can get the paperwork in the mail -snail mail that is -to the publishing company that our Women's group at our church is working with to get a cookbook published. In the process, this week I've actually learned a little bit about how to work with Publisher, the Software that I got with the WORD program I have! And baby, if people thought I was confused and a bit of a nut case before, wait till I let loose now after a week of trying to learn and figure out Publisher! LOL
Wonder though what Google's deal was in shutting down Blogger on you? What the hell constitutes "suspicious activity" anyway?

Big Mark 243 said...

I am with Jeni... 'suspicious activity'?

Good luck with the condo... way to revitalize the economy (for real, not for play)

Dave said...

Jeni, you are ahead of me, I have no idea what Publisher is, though I have Macs and that is probably why.

Mark, I actually feel kind of bad about the condo. I'm getting a really, really great deal and the seller is walking away with nothing and bad credit. Still did it though.

fermicat said...

Oops! Just realized I was using the "wrong" log in (as my very own real named self). Gack. I am starting to regret creating a second Google account to use for G+.

Anyway, catching up on your blog and WOW. Congrats? I hope it all works out for you. Seller, lender, et al made their own mess. Don't feel too guilty.

Dave said...

Fermi, I got both of your comments by Email and I deleted your log in under the wrong one on the blog. You're right about the financing; but, still the sell took a huge bath. The others I don't care much about. Know anyone that does hardwood floors? I want to put select white oak in the living/dining room and possibly the bedrooms.

Jim Donahue said...

For the record, I've always been suspicious of you.

Congrats on the condo.