Monday, February 09, 2009

I Have to Drink a Shot

I almost never drink liquor. On a very rare occasion, I’ll have an after dinner Cognac, brandy, etc.

On an even more rare occasion, I’ll drink champagne. The bottom end of what’s good is Moet, so that cuts down on the occasions.

Beer, wine? Good stuff. Beer regularly and there are a lot of good wines.

Back to the liquor – when I was a kid they didn’t have the premium stuff. You had vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin and so on. Back then you drank to feel the effects of the liquor of your choice. Years ago, I realized I couldn’t enjoy the effects if they came on too quickly and strongly. So I don’t.

My friend the Atlanta cop has a tradition with a friend of his, a retired cop, that they drink a shot every time a police or fire officer dies in the line of duty. After 9/11 it took four months and a few sick days. They then expanded the tradition to toasting to the passing of someone famous that they liked.

For whatever reason I thought of that today when talking to my friend the cop at the neighborhood bar. I blurted out that I’d do a shot at Tony’s wake on Friday night. If there is going to be an occasion for me to do it, this will be it. I then realized that that would lead to other things and regretted it. But I said it, and I’ll do it.

So here’s the problem. Tony wasn’t a big drinker. When he drank liquor, it was Crown Royal. I said that’s what I would do. I got disapproving looks. The shot of choice I was told is Jack Daniels. I’ve never had either.

So what should I drink? I’m not going to be driving. I throw it out to you. The first one will lead to others (mentioned abovem that I’ll regret). Low road, high road? Pricey? Rotgut?

Whatever your suggestion, don’t call me to early on Saturday.


Hedy said...

Crown Royal isn't too bad and if it was Tony's drink of choice then you almost gotta. Otherwise, I'd do Jameson - a lovely, smooth shot that won't hurt too much the next day. Jack is too harsh for shots unless, like you said, I'm drinking with a mission, not so much for the taste. Whatever you decide, let us know so we can tip one in honor of your friend on Friday.

Debo Blue said...

I'm w/Hedy Big Guy. If that's what Tony was doing, then you should be too.

Uh, is it possible to send me your phone number? I promise I'll call Saturday AFTER 6:15a:-)

Trust me (hee hee hee)

Jeni said...

Doing a shot, huh? If it were me, I'd opt for the Crown Royal in respect for Tony and also, because I do like it too. But being a bit of a cheapskate at times, on other occasions calling for a shot, I'd opt for Cutty Sark as it was always my favorite in the Scotch lines. No, I am not one who has refined tastes in name brand stuff -liquors or beer (don't mess with wines at all but I used to love Boones Farm. Gives an inkling there of my fancy taste buds doesn't it? I also like Busch pounders. LOL Love Black and Tan.

Anonymous said...

In my drinking days it was always WIld Turkey, because that was the one Hunter Thompson swore by.

But the truth is they all taste like Burning. Be sure to have a chaser handy.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Who are you doing the shot for? Tony? Or the ones giving you the disapproving looks?

Not having been one for any whiskeys of any kind -- at least not straight -- I don't think I could tell you what the finer points of a Jack shot versus a CR shot would be.

fermicat said...

I prefer a good bourbon, but drinking Tony's choice seems more fitting for this occasion.

Kvatch said...

I can't advise you on whiskey, really. The Frogette is the big whiskey drinker (though I do like Tullamore Dew). But here's the bottom line:

Life is too short to drink the bad stuff. Always go as high-end as your budget allows. (This is especially true with Tequilla, a sentimental favorite as I was raised on the border.)

I'm sure Tony wouldn't mind either way you choose.

Anonymous said...

a Salute- or Tribute - or Toast is in recognition thereof.... a 21 gun salute sounds the same weather it is Smith & Wesson or Remington ammo-
you could imbibe paint stripper for all the difference it actually makes - its about a memory and tribute: to Tony- a beer would suffice for the gesture

j said...

Dave - I agree with the sentiments of annonymous. However I think it will be a much finer event if you go top shelf all the way. I'm sure your bartender friends from the local bar can point you in the proper direction. Enjoy and raise one for me.

Dave said...

Hey Jay, I will raise a toast on your behalf. I'm not sure what it will be. What do you think the odds of them having all the stuff to make a Harvey Wallbanger are? Maybe I can get out of it that way.

DaleC said...

I like HL Weller 12 year or Centennial (bourbons), a really good agave tequila or Johnny Gold Label or an older Macallen.