Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not Too Bad

Friday’s wake went well, alliteration aside.

A friend collected our photos and created a Power Point show.

Lots of stories and laughs and just a few tears.

And the Crown Royal: not too bad. I actually ended up having three shots. We had a mass toast, each of us choosing our own poison; but, the toaster jumped the gun and there were some that hadn’t gotten their glasses. The solution was to do it again. Then another friend insisted he and I toast. The stuff perks you right up, for a bit.

No driving involved thanks to a cab there and a non-drinking friend back.

The only thing that would have improved the event would have been not having an honoree.


fermicat said...

Sounds like a great way to remember a friend. A fun event is so much better than a wake.

Life Hiker said...

I just poured a scotch for myself. So, here's to Tony!

Good Witch's little sister died Saturday after a long illness, and another friend of mine had a 27 year old grandson on the Continental plane that crashed in Buffalo.

Ya got to enjoy 'em while they're here. And, ya got to try and be enjoyable to others while you're here. Ya just never know.

Crown Royal does help.

Dave said...

As Fermi says, LF, do a fun wake. And more traditionally, I'm sorry for your loss.

DaleC said...

I may have posted this here before, but my father and I have provisions in our wills to throw a party instead of a funeral. The budget and instructions spell out who should attend, where to scatter my ashes and which person should hire the band.