Tuesday, March 09, 2010

In Praise of a Good Ol' Boy

I was hanging out after work today with Big Rick and my friend the cop. You saw the picture of the truck in the post below.

Neither Rick, nor the cop, are liberal, commie, pinkos like me; and, we all agreed on our Georgia Government’s decision to blatantly violate the law.

A year or so ago a young woman was murdered while hiking in the Georgia mountains. Her killer was arrested and confessed. He’s doing time.

Hustler Magazine made an Open Records Request for the crime scene photos, which show her nude and mutilated body. The head of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said no, you want them, sue me.

Thing is, Hustler is legally entitled to the pictures. There are times when legal just doesn’t get it. This is one of them.

If the State loses in a trial court, I say appeal. If it loses there, keep up the appeals. If the end result is you have to comply, block out the body and start the process all over again.

Every now and again it’s a good thing that a good ol' boy says that ain’t right.


Bill said...

I can't imagine anyone other than a complete deviant being for releasing those pictures.

The Curmudgeon said...

After the court order is entered, and compliance is refused, I hope the "outraged" judge imposes a fine against the State of a penny a year for each year until compliance is forthcoming... or until the Sun swells to a Red Giant and consumes the Earth... whichever comes first. Cheap bastard that I am, I might even kick in a dime to pay a decade's worth of fines....