Friday, July 16, 2010

Political Pandering Reaches High Gear in Georgia

Georgia voters go to the primary polls this coming Tuesday.

Broadcast stations and cable TV companies are wallowing in cash from the campaign funds.

The Republicans are engaged in a contest to determine who hates gay people the most.  “I do!”  “No you don’t, I’ve hated them since I was a kid!”

Both the GOPpers and the Democrats, to a person, WILL NOT RAISE TAXES!  And at the same time, most of them promise to increase funds for education, transportation, sewers and water resources.  They usually throw in raises for teachers, police and firefighters.

Then too, no politician ‘round these parts likes them Messicans.  We need an Arizona type law!  No racial profiling of course – we’ll do it right.
Damn Obama!  Damn Congress (except for “my” Representative)!  They ain’t good for nothin’, always trampling States Rights!  (Sotto voce:  except borrowing money from the Chinamen and sending it down here to balance our budget the last two years.)

But readers, there’s a saving grace, a silver lining.  You see, they don’t mean a damn thing they say.


Sonja's Mom said...

At least your candidates are talking about issues. Ours are just bashing each other over the head with personal attacks that have nothing to do with fixing the problems we have. Received our Primary absentee ballots yesterday and have already voted. They estimate that almost 50% of the voting in FL will be done by absentee ballot and early voting. I just wish I didn't have to listen to all the blathering for another two months.

The Curmudgeon said...

And how many of your politicians are likely to end up in jail, huh?

You complain about merely hypocritical pols making spouting things they don't actually believe -- we're about to convict our second consecutive governor (if I may presume to predict the future -- and I think, in this one instance, I can).

Our politicians seem to be divided into two parties: The indicted and the yet-to-be-indicted.

So stop braggin' about how good y'all have it in Georgia!

Dave said...

Not on point with the post or your comments, though I can say ya'll and that has recently been noted by people I haven't seen in some time, hearing sound bites from the boys and girls running for office this year is really grating my ears, above and beyond what they are saying that annoys me. There's a cornpone, honey dripping contest going on that really bugs me. Think Jimmy Carter on steroids.