Monday, November 22, 2010

I was reminded of one of the reasons for Thanksgiving

I just saw a commercial in which a woman’s voice said “don’t forget Mrs. So and So” and the guy was shown with his snow blower clearing a sidewalk.

When my parents were older their neighbor used to come over with his tractor and cut grass and blow snow.

Neighbors can be good; and, it isn’t necessarily true that good fences make good neighbors – he went out on to the road to get next door – no fence just a lot of trees he didn’t want to damage.

Not to mention the flats of fresh strawberries he used to leave on the porch during harvest, and all the other things a good neighbor does because it is what they do.

Since I haven’t thanked you, and it is the season, Gene, you made my parents’ life a bit easier and better.  (Tim if you read this, let him know.)


Jeni said...

Nice gesture on your part, Dave, to recognize your parents' neighbor for being what a good neighbor should be. That's pretty much the kind of people I grew up around here too. Still have many neighbors today who would go out of their way to help out and it really makes a nice difference in the perceptions one has of society as a result, doesn't it?

fermicat said...

My "crusty old yankee" neighbor that lived next door to me in New England had a heart of gold. He did all kinds of nice things for me. Too numerous to count, but they included gifts from his gardens and orchards, rototilling, snow plowing and snow blowing, planting, harvesting, fixing my tools, protecting my stuff, odd jobs, burying beloved pets, listening to me bitch about crap that matters (and stuff that doesn't), testing recipes, and just being a terrific friend.