Monday, November 01, 2010

Health Care Voting Tip

Whether you call it “Obamacare” and think it is the unholy work of spawn of the Devil or think health care reform is long overdue, with the reform law not going far enough, you can influence the implementation of the law tomorrow in the voting booth.


“Voters in four states, including Georgia and California, will directly elect an insurance chief on Tuesday. And in nearly three dozen other states, whoever is elected governor will name the commissioner.”

Elected or appointed, that person will have a lot of say on the matter going forward.

“[U]nder the federal health law, state insurance chiefs will have a long list of new consumer protections to enforce. For example, starting in 2014, health plans can't charge women or sicker people more.

“They're also helping to write the regulations for their own expanded powers. Congress left it up to an obscure group — the National Association of Insurance Commissioners — to essentially decide critical details, such as what health plans can claim as actual medical care vs. administration and profit.”

Here’s a tidbit from the website,, of the GOP candidate here in Georgia:

“There are solutions to our on-going health care crisis, but they will need to come from the private sector. Government provided health care has failed in England, Canada, and everywhere else it has been tried. You need to ask the recipients of our Medicare and Medicaid programs, VA healthcare, and all other government provided programs if they like their results. Why would we think that a single payer, government system for all Americans would do any better?”

Think he’s going to be a big supporter of the new law?  I don’t.  One more little thing to think about, brought to you as a service by Rather Than Working.

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Big Mark 243 said...

Sometimes the unenlightened speaking makes me quiver and fear for the future.