Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I side on the side of solitary.  I like spending time alone, inside my head or listening to music or watching a movie.  Part of that is habit, living alone for most of my life.

Even if I’ve enjoyed going to the bar or a restaurant with friends, there comes a time that I’ve had enough and want to retreat to the couch.

That said, there’s something to be said for people.  I spent the last long weekend in New Orleans with a friend and two new friends.

Even with friends and family, I can be standoffish, there, but not there.  Now and again, I engage.  I probably should do more of it.

I’ve written about it before; but, when you look at people and smile more often than not they smile back.  Double down and say something friendly, or better, funny, and the world is yours.

Do either or both in New Orleans and you are garonteed to have a good, good time.  I had a good time.

Without going all sociological, we are meant to be around other people.  You don’t get the full benefit of your time here going it alone.  I need to remember that more often.  Not a resolution or anything, just a thought.


Debo Blue said...

People, people who need people...

Big Mark 243 said...

I think I get you Dave. Like you, I too have spent most of my life enjoying the oasis that is being alone and I enjoy the solititude.

When I had to go to Chicago and walk my sister down the aisle, the dread was from the cost of the trip. Being on Social Security, that was money I will never 'get back'.

I was committed to going... thought that my friend was going to take me but I had to ride Greyhound. Long trip.

Very late, around one in the morning I got a text to 'open my door'. I had told my friend (Nebraska in case you read my scribble in my blog) who had said months ago she would take me, showed up.

From that moment, her company changed the complexion of the experience. From enduring to wonderful in a matter of moments. The ride back was enlightening and the conversation brisk. Rather than counter what DID happen by dwelling on what didn't, I agree that we are meant for companionship.

Not that I find companionship or a partner necessary to enjoying my life. But a partnership does add something that I prolly won't find on my own.

We will see, won't we?