Monday, December 06, 2010

Success doesn't necessarily result from smart (or, you can fool a lot of people a lot of the time)

President Obama is by any measure a smart person.

His presidency to date is pretty dismal no matter which view you take of it.

If you bought into that “hopey changey thing” you’ve been sorely disappointed.

President Obama, if he actually cares about civil liberties, has other things to do than promote them; indeed, he seems to be willing to attack them if he thinks the Republicans will let him sit at the lunch table with them.

Each and every one of his economic initiatives have benefited big business.  He apparently thinks trickle down is a viable economic policy, regular people just need to be patient (he must be an Augustinian scholar).

As it turns out he’s what the British call a backbencher.  By no means, for better or worse, is he a leader or a negotiator.

If you are a member of the GOP or a Tea Partier, you could do worse – just what has he done that has hurt you?  And, he serves as a useful false enemy to whip up the base and until recently placate the other side.

Our President is a failed Chicago Pol.  Everyone wants to work a deal don’t they?  We’ll just sit down, I’ll give some, you’ll…. Wait, you aren’t giving!  OK, here’s something else, now what do you say?

We have two more years of Bush Lite.  The scary thing is thinking about who is next.


Big Mark 243 said...

You are right about that... who IS next?

As far as his policies in office is concerned, I think he modeled himself a Ronald Reagan. Little is surprising about his views on business and as far as being a negotiator, he leaves a lot to be desired.

fermicat said...

Given that it now takes 60 votes to get any damn thing through the senate, he has been hamstrung. I can't ever remember feeling this cynical. I don't see any hope that the gridlock and extreme partisanship will change in the future. We are all screwed. It doesn't matter who is president.