Friday, September 02, 2011

Creating Need Versus Want

I’ve posted before about my technological evolution.  My Osborne “portable” computer in the mid-eighties, getting a cell phone and Email capability in the mid-nineties and going completely online just after 9/11.

I couldn’t do my job without what has been developed over the last 25 years.  My personal life would be lessened without the technological evolution.

That said, while I might “want” an iPad, I don’t “need” one.  Yet.

I know, those of you that know me, know I’ve got a lot of gadgets I don’t “need.”  Flat screen TV, smart phone and a fancy DSLR come to mind. 

In the realm of consuming stuff, I think that there’s a continuum between want and need, the point of need appearing at a different place for different people.  When you reach your need point depends on economics, lifestyle, your social structure and a host of other factors.

Right now, I’m not up to my need point on the iPad continuum.  I have a Mac Mini, an Android smart phone and a Macbook.  The iPad has some of things all of them have with some things none of the others have. 

I got the Mini and the Macbook to replace crapped out Dell products, escape from Microsoft and gain the benefit of elegant design and operation.  I got the smart phone when it did enough things that I wanted to do, and couldn’t do on the phone I had.  The iPad doesn’t replace the functions of the desktop, the phone or the laptop, so for me, it needs to do something I want to do and can’t now do. 

When that happens, I’m in because I’ll “need” it.


The Curmudgeon said...

These past 9 days without office Internet is making me re-think the smart phone thing, I'll tell you that. If anyone pays a bill anytime soon, I may do more than think about it.


Jeni said...

Since I've been one to frequently preach the "Want vs Need" aspect to life to my kids (and from time to time, to apply the theory on myself too), I think your logic here is spot on!

Anonymous said...


You were recommended to me by Fermicat, in case you were wondering how I found you.

I totally agree with you about wanting vs. needing an iPad (or darn near anything else, really).

Enjoyed your post!


Dave said...

Hey Myshist, thanks for stopping by.

Gosh, a new reader, I'm going to have to write something C and J.