Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just what is wrong with people?

Last night at the CNN/Tea Party Republican Debate, the idea of letting a guy with no money and no health insurance die rather than being treated at a hospital got applause from the audience.

Today, I read an AP story about a 101 year old woman evicted from her son’s foreclosed home.  The son, 65, apparently has some problems - he’d been ignoring the notices for some time.  But, and here’s the big but – the sheriff or marshal or police guys there, they can’t call someone?  She was literally put out on the street with her stuff.  A friend is letting her stay in a place and the stuff is in the process of being moved from the curb.  No one calls to anyone?

Tough luck guy and old, old lady, it’s a hard world these days.  I got mine, you shoulda got yours when you could.

I’ve been thinking about that poster from way back about “they came for the Jews and I wasn’t a Jew,” the tradition of Jubilee and the fact that in an historical society that I can’t quite place, “stealing” enough food to eat for the day from a field wasn’t a crime if you were hungry. Can’t escape being a human that I know of.   

One of these days, rich folks, and maybe some of us not so rich, may need more than gated communities.

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