Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Death at the Hands of Government

No, this isn’t about the death penalty.

It appears a couple of Iranian guys, one with U.S. Citizenship and one connected to the Iranian government plotted to kill a Saudi Ambassador and got caught. 

We are officially incensed and Iran is officially dismissive.

We offed bin Laden with a Seal team and more recently, the other American born terrorist guy and trumpeted that we had done so.  Others are incensed.

Whether or not we and the other side should be, we are in a guerilla war.  Currently, we seem to be scoring better than they are and defending better than they are.

But, right or wrong both sides are killing or trying to kill.  I don’t see that we are inherently morally superior in this exchange.  Maybe we need to do what we are doing; but, and here’s the big but – I don’t know because our government won’t tell me what it’s got on the people it targets, even after the fact.  Have you ever seen anything that rose to the level of legal proof that bin Laden is indeed the architect of terrorism?  I think he probably was, but I don’t know that.  The guy we offed with the drone last week – what did he do?  We won’t know any time in the mid-term future.

Do we really expect Iran, if it is behind the most recent failed plot to fess up, cry and ask forgiveness?  We are engaged in table stakes, death being the losing hand, poker.  Our officials' decrying the other side’s attempts to harm us seems to be a bit disingenuous to me.

Goose and gander, it seems, who is who depending on your bias.


Jeni said...

Very much agree with your thoughts on this situation, Dave. True enough about the goose and gander but still, maybe we need to think too about the turning the other cheek as well. It is a sticky wicket though, isn't it? Personally, I'd like to see us have a lot less involvement and influence peddling here and there to other countries as we try to sell our constitution as being the best and the most useful and yadda, yadda. Maybe to us it is, but not every other culture/country/whatever may feel that same way is my theory on that and perhaps if we left well enough alone here and there, some of those countries wouldn't carry quite as much venom and hatred towards the good old US of A. Just my silly little opinion there on the price of tea in China kind of topic this is.

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