Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm not in Netflix' target demographic

Netflix has taken a lot of flak over the past couple of months.  Raise the price.  Amicable divorce from Starz. Split the DVD and streaming businesses.  Recombine the businesses.  Sign a bunch of new content deals that leave me underwhelmed.

That last one is what this post is about.

I’ve never been “whelmed” by Netflix’ streaming selection.  It was a nice supplement to the DVD deal.  When you’re bored, find an old movie you liked or missed and watch it at your convenience.  Ignore all the old TV episodes of shows you didn’t watch when they were on TV in the first place.

Netflix announced a deal with CW today.  It has acquired long-term rights to past and future CW shows such as “”Ringer,’ ‘Hart of Dixie’ and ‘The Secret Circle;’ returning hits ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘90210,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Nikita’ and mid-season series, ‘One Tree Hill.’”

I’ve heard of a couple of these, though I’ve never actually seen any of these shows.

I watch very little network TV and nothing on channels like TBS, CW, WB or E!  I’ve always thought of their programming as the kind of thing you used to find on a UHF channel, next to the PBS channel.

I think Netflix is becoming the modern version of UHF, a dumping ground for re-runs of shows that weren’t that good in the first place.  If you like that kind of stuff, $8 a month isn’t a bad price to find it in one place without commercials I suppose.

But, it is seeming like an increasingly poor deal for me when it represents 80% and growing of what Netflix streaming has and I’m only interested in the 20% and shrinking part.


Barbara said...

I wish I could respond intelligently, but as we've never subscribed to Netflix, I can't comment on it. The scope of our viewing interest is relatively narrow: news, history, and nature shows.

Barbara Allen

Kvatch said...

Well said! I only want the streaming feature if I can get the good stuff from Showtime and HBO, and...I just can't.

Even $8.00/month is too much if it only consists of hours and hours of dreck. 7 years ago, I dumped cable for less. The ROI sucks.

I will keep my DVD plan, but I already dumped the streaming plan.

fermicat said...

I'm definitely not getting my money's worth on the streaming side, especially with the Starz deal ending. Once I get through all those old episodes of Arrested Development I will cancel. On second thought, buying the boxed set of that show might end up being a cheaper option. We're not exactly spending a lot of time in front of the tube these days.

Dave said...

I haven't looked at Streaming in a couple of weeks - other things to do and it just isn't that attractive.

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