Sunday, October 02, 2011

Gotta Love Republicans

The Washington Post had a sort of expose article today on Rick Perry’s maybe, kinda racist years in the wilds of Texas.  It seems his father rented a “hunting camp” in the early eighties.  He and Perry kept it going into this century, though Perry’s folks swear he hasn’t been there since 2006, an interesting swearing as Perry also says that a rock at the entrance that had the word Niggerhead in block letters painted on it was painted over shortly after Perry mentioned it to his father in the early eighties, a matter disputed by a number of people, named and unnamed in the Post article.

Herman Cain says that Perry is obviously “insensitive” given the story, Cain of the view that there will be “no Muslims in my administration” for months and months until he took too much flack for it, had a meeting with an actual Muslim, and repented.

We all have our prejudices, I just find that Republicans, when caught, are especially humorous when squirming away from the light thrown on them.


Christie Jarrio said...

All politicians squirm the same awkward way, no matter what party. And yes, amusing at times.

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

I think we need to call all elected officials on their bull$hit whenever possible, I don't care on which side of the aisle they may happen to sit. I'm truly interested in finding solutions, not placing blame. Not too many folks are in finding truth. So, I say, "f-ck ideology"!

Seems like each generation has its own groups to hate. Ever popular are the atheists and white men, but Muslims seem to have been an especially attractive target in the last decade.

The Curmudgeon said...

It isn't just a Republican failing.

But, yes, I like seeing hypocrites exposed.

Dave said...

It isn't just the GOP as you all have pointed out; but, they, I think are funnier than the Dems when caught.