Monday, December 22, 2008

An Annoyance of Modern Life

My cell phone number has made its way to one or more spam texters of the sleazy sort:

“yes baby I (I is actually lower case, Word won’t let me type it other than as upper case) love it send me a picture of u….”

At least (or damn!) the “˂Picture˃” didn’t come through in the texts. I’m not a prude and I’ve gotten the Viagra/appendage enhancer/Nigerian princess Emails too many times in the past. I use filtering and domain blocking to cut down on them. What bugs me about this new mini-onslaught (one yesterday and four today) is that my only defense is to block all SMS’s.

In reading up on the issue, I learned that other cell providers allow you to block texts sent via Internet auto dialers thus eliminating or greatly reducing text spam. T-Mobile, my provider, won’t do this, it gives me the choice of all, good and bad, or none; and, of course, if I exceed the number of allowed texts allowed, it will charge me for the pleasure of receiving sleazy spam. I’m not a programmer; but, if Verizon and AT&T can implement a sub-program to block this kind of stuff (and not charge for it), T-Mobile can too, and should.

In the interim, if you want a good time, text 202-315-7097 or 704-609-5824.


Hedy said...

Which one is your number? :)

Dave said...

You've already got it.