Tuesday, December 09, 2008

For My Nieces

Two of my three nieces are graduating from college this month.

In order of appearance on the earth, the first is a newly minted elementary school teacher. Her younger cousin by a few months is going to be a pediatric nurse.

Other than feeling a bit old, I’m feeling pretty good about this. Both women have made their way though their youth with no mishaps (that I’m aware of). And it’s silly to even mention mishaps, as both have always been at the top of their classes and their communities.

Not bad for a person who cheated at Uno when playing with her Uncle (the elder) and the other, whose first “word” that I heard from her, rather than Mama or Dada, imitated one of the family dogs panting.

I wish all the best there is to have for them. They're adults now in a dangerous world. I and their other elders have not left them as good a place as we should have. One of the things that makes me feel optimistic about what will happen as we go on, is knowing people like them are going to have a say in running things.


Keith said...

Congrats to your nieces. They sound like wonderful people and I am glad you are proud of them. You should be. I wish them all the best in their futures.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel we've left them to a messed up world if we've taught them great morals, to take care of each other and to pay it forward.

Congrats to your nieces and start writing those big checks Tio!

Debo Blue

PS-your word verfication is able gut.