Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hedy, I'm Stumped

Regular readers will now that Hedy is a reader and someone whom I read.

Hedy has apparently offended Microsoft sometime today. I was wandering through Favorites, subcategory Blogs this morning and she had an especially short and nice post. I commented.

I just now, bored, while watching the Simpsons Movie (a half hour is the interest max) started surfing again. I got to the “G’s” and there was no Hedy Blog after them. I know she renamed it to the Hedy Experience sometime ago; but, it’s always been there. It wasn’t there.

So I googled Hedy Blog, Hedy Experience is the first result, I hit it and went to her. I then added it to the Favorites. There it was, at the end of the list. I right clicked on the first Blog Favorite and then clicked reorder by name. Hedy was gone again. Not in alphabetical order, not at the end of the list.

Hedy, what did you do to Bill Gates or the Ballmer guy?


Hedy said...

Just another reason to hate that f*ckstick, LOL.

Did you check under the t's for The Hedy Experience? Wish I could be more helpful but as you know, I'm a Mac girl.

fermicat said...

She shows up on my feed reader loud and clear.

Posolxstvo I said...

Dave -- it was definitely Steve Ballmer. He took exception to her description of her last employer, as it sounded a wee bit too much like him.

Try switching to Chrome or Firefox.

Dave said...

I have her back, for better or worse. Interestingly, Hedy never went away on the office computer. As to the last job Pos, I think I'm one behind, we had the turd guy and then (or now I thought) Playboy as a client; but, I notice the references changing.

Hedy, tell me what's going on. Does the new company, if there is a new company, have a thing going with Ballmer? Is Ballmer so petty that he'd block your feed to me?

Finally, I've use both of the others Pos, Firefox especially liked to do strange things on the computer. I'm back to just IE.

Dave said...

An update, Hedy is not the only person to engage the ire of MS. I just noticed that Just a Girl in Short Shorts disappeared from my Favorites/Blogs list. Weird stuff.