Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Timing is everything

A month short of 15 years ago, I’d gone to a birthday party for a friend on a Saturday afternoon.  It was a beautiful October day, made great because I had tickets to a Braves playoff game that night.  Earlier that year I’d bought a new car, a stick shift Camaro with T-tops.  They were down and the radio was up as I left my friend’s place headed to meet other friends to go to the game. 

A car in front of me stopped to wait to make a left hand turn.  When the car cleared, I shifted through the gears, rather quickly, as I came over a rise and saw a Forsyth County Sheriff’s car come towards me.  I looked down and saw that I was doing just about seventy.  The speed limit was fifty-five.  I saw him turn from his direction to follow me in my direction from my rear view mirror. 

He was a pretty nice guy.  When he came back after running my information he asked why I was moving so fast.  I told him about the beautiful day, the stop and rather quick start and the game I was on my way to.  He asked if I had anything to drink, a question I’d been anticipating as I had indeed had some beer.  Yes I’m a lawyer and yes you aren’t supposed to answer those questions.  But, I’d figured out that I’d had about three half full plastic cups of beer (from a keg that put out a lot of foam).  So I told him.  He asked if I’d get out of the car and do a few tests.  Yes I’m a lawyer and know you aren’t supposed to do that. 

I got out of the car and walked behind him to the space between our cars.  He asked what my highest level of school was.  Hell, I didn’t want to tell him I was a lawyer, so I said post-graduate.  He asked “college post-graduate?”  “Yes.”  When he asked “in what?”  I quietly said “law.”  “Good, you should have no trouble with being able to recite the alphabet.

But.  But, he wanted me recite the alphabet and stop at “U.”  Minor panic ensued but I toughed it out.

I got a ticket, but only for ten over (the radar read 71) and the deputy’s wish that the Braves win that night.

The Braves have a decent shot at the post-season as of this afternoon even though they lost two of three to the lowly Nationals and are two behind the Phillies.

You see, I got a ticket today while driving 5 mph under the speed limit while listening to the Braves losing on the radio (alas while driving my baby SUV on a beautiful day but sans t-tops).  How does that equal a ticket?  I didn’t see the flashing school zone sign, only operational between 1:45 and 2:45 p.m.  40 in a 25, though he said I was on the laser at 44 – maybe it pays to say you didn’t see the sign and you’re sorry.

So, if my timing is right, the Braves, fifteen years after my last ticket and their last World Championship, might, might just pull this out.  I guess I can afford a ticket in support of the cause every decade and a half.


Rick said...

Bet this ticket costs you a whole lot more.

Big Mark 243 said...

For me, certain visceral memories revisit me on September 16th.

Oh, it may just be me being particular, but the Nationals are good enough to merit a 'non-contending' status. The Pirates are what I would call a 'lowly' team.

Dave said...

I'm wondering how many points 15 over is Rick.

Mark, call the Phillies whatever as long as you add losers on the last day of the season.

Dave said...

Two points.

Annie K said...

Phew, for a second I thought you were complaining about getting a ticket in a school zone.

Dave said...

Nope, deserved it. I was zoned out and didn't "see" the sign.