Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Contrarian View of Clint McCance

Clint is an idiot.  And an angry idiot.

But he could be a useful idiot. 

I’ve said in the past that if we are going to kill people as a society, we ought to do it publicly, like we did it in the past.  Hang, electrocute, inject if you will; but, do it in the new public square: televise it, put it on YouTube, record the sounds the person makes and put them in the Android Market and Apple whatever it is.  Make little kids watch and listen along with their parents.  Have a discussion, explain to the little kids why this is a good thing.

I think Clint should keep on raving,  Don’t’ recall him or fire him or whatever you do to a school board member.  Let him rave on and report it all in all of its hatefulness.  Then talk about it.   Explain it to your children, if you’re on Clint’s side, that you want their friend down the street to die.  Oh, you don’t really want them to die?  Explain why it’s all right for good ole Clint to rant about it.

It seems we are reaching, still reaching, for a critical mass on whether gay people are worthy of respect.  We’ve done it before with other minorities, hearing the hate thrown at them.  Maybe the hate hastens the necessary revulsion that needs to be felt to make the next change.

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Big Mark 243 said...

I agree. But it is frightening to watch the death throes of a mindset. Soon, it will go deep underground and only surface in tragedies. Racism didn't die with the Civil Rights Movement, as James Byrd.

Thankfully, that kind of thing is extremely rare. I think we are two generations removed from social and cultural acceptance and embracing homosexual life styles.