Thursday, October 21, 2010

Give to NPR and tell Fox News

I’ve always wondered about Juan Williams on Fox News.

Juan Williams, an NPR “analyst” is also a Fox News “analyst,” something I’ve never quite understood.  I’ve heard him on both outlets and have noticed a disconnect.  He’s a bit more out there on Fox, a bit more thoughtful on NPR.

As of today he can be as out there as he wishes on Fox as NPR dumped him.  Go off and read the stories about why he was dumped if you haven’t already heard.

Many readers will disagree with me; but, NPR and PBA TV are pretty much the only “fair and balanced” news broadcasters that I hear and see.  They don’t do the talking head yelling thing if they can help it (it occasionally happens on the PBS News Hour) and they almost never run a piece that is shilling for one side of an issue.  The news that they carry isn’t biased as near as I can tell.   I can’t say anything like any of that about Fox or MSNBC (I haven’t watched network news in years).

To my mind, you’ve pretty much lost a lot of credibility if you work for either Fox or MSNBC.  It’s pretty much a given that you are doing the right thing if Newt and Sarah and Mike H. attack you as they are attacking NPR.  I’d almost be willing to watch O’Reilly and Hannity tonight to see what they come up with; but, it will be quicker to read the lowlights tomorrow.   Rush, I’m sure is drooling waiting for tomorrow’s show.

It’s fund drive season for public broadcasting here in Atlanta.  If you are being inundated by cheesy begging where you are, give them a buck or two and tell Fox you did it.


Dave said...

OK, I'm watching O'Reilly. A couple of things.

NPR wasn't the smoothest in reacting to the reaction to his firing. A VP gave a speech today and said Williams opinions had no place on NPR and should be told to his "psychiatrist or publicist." Not too smooth.

I think Fox may be right in calling for taking away public funding from NPR/PBS, at least the news end of it. Let it live or die on its own.

Finally, what Fox is missing (well not missing, not talking about) is that NPR/PBS news is news, kind of like Brit Hume used to be and Shepard Smith kind of is, as opposed to O'Reilly, Rove, Palin, Huckabee, Hannity and so on.

Rick said...

NPR should be National P(olitically)C(orrect)Radio. If it differs from the lefts point of view censor it.Funny I always thought Juan was too far left for Fox news, turns out he's to far right for the commie stations. Who'da thunk it.