Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Item From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" File

A letter to the editor in yesterday’s Atlanta Journal Constitution:


“Put retina eye scanners in convenience stores

“Everyone has to eat and purchase gas, sodas or other grocery items. Most, if not all people, frequent convenience stores weekly. With the installation of retina eye scanners and thumbprint readers (paid for with remaining stimulus funds) in every convenience store in America, we can ferret out wanted persons, or those people who are here illegally.

“Over time, we could include drugstores, grocery stores, banks and other businesses. We would simply require every person who enters any convenience store to step up to the scanner and place their thumb in the reader. Show your proof of identification. No match? No purchase.”

The Bill of Rights aside, what a great idea to get rid of bad guys and illegals:  starve ‘em.  “Sorry Rocco and Pedro, no Slurpee for you.”

1 comment:

fermicat said...

That sounds like a lot of trouble when they could just use those microchips they implanted in everyone. :ewink:

I guess this guy has never heard on an underground economy.