Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is the sky falling; or, will the sun come out on Tuesday?


I’m not reading or listening to punditry, beyond a few headlines, recently.  The headlines are telling me all sorts of speculative horrors, depending on what you fear.

It seems clear that Dems are going to be down in the House and the Senate, how much is unclear.

The sky isn’t falling and Tuesday is going to be cloudy.  Why?

Nationally, the Dems were ineffectual for the last two years, getting little done, blocked effectively at each turn by filibustering, Party of No GOPpers.  Said minority, though probably about to pick up a majority in the House, won’t be doing anything either – they don’t have the block of votes to overcome themselves (and the insurgent party of Hell No – the Tea Party folks), much less the Dems in the Senate and the big guy in the White House.  Get ready for big time gridlock, slowing even more in about a year as everything gears up for the 2012 main event.

The economy is not going to come roaring back.  At best it will continue to get better in little bits with small tweaks from the feds, all that will happen with a divided government.

For 2012 the Dems will argue, see, the GOP hasn’t helped.  The GOP will argue, having done nothing substantive about getting rid of health care reform or doing anything about their immigration bogeymen, that the Dems were being obstructionists, thwarting the will of the people.  The tea party will realize, maybe, that they were co-opted by people that have no intention of doing what they want done, the aforesaid dumping of the health care law and getting rid of the damned foreigners.

Obama will squeak by in 2012 unless the GOP has someone, that I haven’t seen yet, that can pander to the right wing and the tea party folks enough to get nominated and then seem rational enough to the independent voters who will decide things.

Now, I have to start thinking about the local elections here in the Peach State.  I’m not too concerned with who gets in.  The incumbent GOP folks will continue running things here, railing about all the national stuff mentioned above, coming up with a couple of Arizona style state immigration bills that may or may not pass and then will throw up their hands at how to pay for state government without the billions in hated federal bailout money that is no longer available to avoid the hard choices.

Let me know if I missed anything in a couple of years.


Big Mark 243 said...

I feel you, Dave. It is more of the same until a truly dynamic person comes along and moves the country forward at the time the people are really ready to move beyond their pettiness.

Re-election for Pres. Obama? The CINC and his party need to be more dynamic than they have been and get behind their guy... the GOP never acts timid when their guy has the keys to the car.

Jeni said...

Considering how bad the campaigning here in PA has been this year, I will just be darned happy when it all comes to an end -for a while -tomorrow night. I'm not particularly fond of either candidate here for governor as anyone who promises to "reform Harrisburg" is definitely talking out of his lower body region! I think the reform needed in our state house is something no candidate really wants as it would (or could/should) definitely curb the antics of those elected officials and that would mean a cut in the coins in their individual pockets. Show me a politician that would go along with that happening!

fermicat said...

It's Tuesday, and the sun's not out. :-) But so far the sky hasn't fallen.

I voted early this morning. Just happy to have it out of the way.