Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dear UPS

First off, in the scheme of complaints, this isn't a big one.

And, I really do like you (though I don't like your independent "UPS Stores" which for the most part suck). 

So don't take this the wrong way.

I got a UPS letter this morning.  Came on time.  The driver, not even the regular driver, knew who I was; and, as always, he was friendly.

But, he handed me the "brick" to sign my name.  You know, the behemoth GPS wireless thing that weighs ten pounds (give or take) that I have to hold in one hand, with the envelope tucked under my elbow while I write an illegible version of my signature onto the scratched and discolored plastic.  And speaking of plastic, how do you make plastic so heavy?  Do you get it from the same people that made my parent's 1960's rotary dial phone?  That was some plastic!

And, I know you're fond of brown, "Big Brown" and all, but really, dull is to good a word to describe it.  Even the inventor of one color fits all, Henry Ford, finally gave in.  Keep the uniforms and trucks and envelopes if you like; but, please, could you consider say a nice complementary "sand" color for the bricks?

(A hint:  I hear tell that Steve Jobs is now in the plastic thing business - GPS, wireless, touch screen, all that stuff.  And he doesn't kill a forest full of plastic trees to make them.  Give him a call.)

Your friend and customer,


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Big Mark 243 said...

LOL! This should have been on Project: RANT.