Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What should you pay for really good golf?

The president of one of my clients and his wife will be down this way next month for a wedding; and, he sent me an Email suggesting we play a round of golf while they are here.

So, I did some research on good courses.  Everyone rates the five or six courses at Reynolds Plantation in the top 15 in Georgia.  But you can’t play them unless you are staying at the Ritz Carlton, one of the condos or one of the cottages.

That’s OK, it’s a hike from Atlanta so staying there the night before is a good idea I think.   A one night package and two extra rounds of golf seemed like a good idea.


My package:  $410.00.  The extra two rounds: $190.00 each.

We will be playing the eighth best course in Georgia, closer to Atlanta and down the road from where they are staying for the wedding for $49.00 each.  I think I’ll get a couple of magnums of champagne and some coozies.


Anonymous said...

For the $410 dollar package, does the caddie let you ride piggy-back when your legs get tired?

Dave said...

To further insult your and my sensitivities, a for-caddy is $30 per golfer. A caddy that carries your bag is $60 a piece. Both plus tip.

Dave said...

Sensitivity should sensibility.

The Curmudgeon said...

Gosh. $49 sounds like a lot to me.

Yet another reason why I don't play golf.

Dave said...

Ping Pong would be cheaper Curmudgeon; but, there is the moment when you hit a shot that couldn't be hit any better by a pro - once or twice, if you're lucky, a round.