Monday, August 23, 2010

Lawyerly Obscurification

Always be wary of overly precise responses from lawyers.  I got a letter from a lawyer today who advised that his client did not get the "July 13, 2010 letter" I alleged to have sent.  It didn't.  It got it on July 15, 2010, well within the required period.  I'd put the wrong date in the letter I sent following up on the first letter.  Gave me a moment of panic before I realized that was the week I was working from home because ^%!^&( AT&T wasn't providing internet at the office and having just checked the home laptop when I got home to see that my fear was unjustified.

And never trust anyone.  Reagan had it right about that verify stuff.  I need a drink.

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Big Mark 243 said...

Confirm and verify. That was learned when I was in the service and whenever I trip and fall in life, it is always because I did not 'verify' where I was going was indeed, passable!