Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I figure I need to say something about James DeMint

We are revisiting terrorism since Christmas. There appears to be a lot of blame to throw around.

One of the biggest offenders, for lack of rationality, appears to be Senator James DeMint.

He's had a "hold" on President Obama's nominee for the Administrator of the TSA for some time now. His reason, he doesn't like the fact that the Obama Administration may allow TSA workers to engage in collective bargaining. Just what does that have to do with whether the guy has the qualifications to be the administrator? The guy isn't going to decide the issue, Obama and Congress are.

DeMint and some Republicans are throwing out the "go slow" mantra just as they are on health insurance reform. Let's do nothing rather than something, since the something that will happen won't be what we want.

I'm thinking, right or wrong, it is time for Obama and the Democrats to start playing hardball, win or lose in 2010. I'm pretty sure I won't like the results; but, I'm getting real tired of the Goppers. If you guys have something to say, say it, and convince the electorate to inundate Congress with calls to go the way you say we should go. Quit with this filibuster garbage. Let the Dems hang themselves and go into the midterm elections having failed.

Party of NO, there's an inspiring way to go forward.


Kvatch said...

Hey Dave...totally off topic but
Feliz Año Nuevo!

Dave said...

Back at you Kvatch.