Sunday, December 06, 2009

This is going to work

Hamid Karzai was interviewed on CNN today. First he wants us to know the 18 month thing isn't going to work, we need to be patient with the Afghan people who are going to work really hard to gear up to providing their own security by the end of his current five year term in office.

He then warned us to "halt practices that … create what he called 'parallel governance issues."

"He seemed to laugh when he was played a video clip of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs saying the United States would bypass corrupt government officials if necessary.

'Afghanistan is a sovereign country, it has a sovereign government, it's not an occupied country,' Karzai said, adding that a foreign power can't undermine or go around the government to deal with whomever it chooses."

He did say "he would do all he can to root out corruption and improve governance."

So, let's sum up, Karzai says get over this corruption thing, don't even think about trying to bypass me when giving out money and keep the money coming at least till I'm out of office.

Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, how 'bout you?


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