Saturday, December 12, 2009

It isn't only Tiger, we're monogamously challenged here in Georgia

It seems that Teflon doesn't last on the surface of world class golfers or politicians here in Georgia, degradation happens.

Tiger's apparently on his yacht on his way to somewhere to patch things up.

Here in Georgia, the Republican party is in disarray, suffering from the same foibles that are troubling Tiger. We have this Speaker of the House that has a temper problem. He didn't play well with others, except lobbyists for Atlanta Natural Gas, or one in particular, she being a female, he being married. This has been going on for years now. I'll spare you the evolution of his fellows turning on him, reluctantly, other than to say that their reluctance seems to be based on the impending exposure of their own sexual foibles. It seems that the Goppers who run the executive branch and both houses of the Assembly have no one who is squeaky clean, Southern Baptist enough to take the helm of the party.

The backbenchers in the GOP are making noises about throwing them all out of the leadership. "Rep. Jim Cole (R-Forsyth) said last week anyone who wants his vote for speaker needed to sign a good-conduct pledge that included such requirements as being faithful to one’s spouse." The Dems are chuckling (especially those that have committed the same sins).

There don't appear to be any calls by the rank and file for competency.

In the meantime, we don't have any more money here in the Peach State. A U.S. District Court Judge told us we can't get anymore water from what we thought, and isn't, our reservoir, Lake Lanier, starting two years from now. Bridges are crumbling, sewers are collapsing. We have more failed banks than most states, having lent money to every residential developer that walked in the door for the past decade. Many of the banks' stockholders and directors are elected and appointed leaders in the aforesaid state government.

The fact that Tiger is on his yacht is only significant to his family and his advertising clients. The fact that our guys are more concerned with their image than their responsibilities doesn't bode well for the near-term future of Georgia. You can vote the bastards out; but, they seem to replicate quite easily.


fermicat said...

People with power and/or wealth tend to screw around, it seems. It doesn't seem to be affiliated with any particular political party or sport. They (almost) all do it. The only thing surprising is that anyone was surprised by the news about either man.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Fermi is right. I actually think that the same thing that drives an otherwise normal human being to being one that is always in the public eye is directly linked to the thing in their personalities that drives them to screw around. It's a form of narcissism that your average person doesn't posess.

Or do we, but have never had the self-confidence to follow through with it?

I know that I don't believe that Mrs. P *has to* stay with me because she could never do any better.

Dave said...

Looking at philanderers over the years, the two of you may be right. And, I like the idea of the wealth/power drive being coupled with the drive to run around.

But, that means I'm screwed and not in the way that Tiger and the pols are.

The Curmudgeon said...

Well I'm glad to see that Georgia may be in worse shape than Illinois. Although I'm not sure the claim would stand up under close inspection.