Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Stories

My Mother watched soap operas. Not too much years ago. It isn't like she had a lot of time, working full time, raising three kids. She made up for lost time after we were out of the house and she and my father were retired.

"When are we leaving? I don't want to miss my stories." I'm not much of a "stories" kind of guy. I don't even watch much (any) network TV of the comedy, drama, reality sort. But I've seen a story or two; and, having done so, it was always a bit disconcerting that Mom watched them.

What I remember about soaps is that the women always had pretty impressive cleavage and wore too much makeup. What the hell was my mother doing watching that? Or was she rather watching the slick guys with their shifty back stories? In any event, she watched them and could tell you who was who (and who else they were in the fantasy sequences or whatever).

CBS has announced that it is canceling As the World Turns after 54 years on the air. I'm thinking, though I don't know, that that's one of the ones she watched. I know she watched The Guiding Light, that I found out today was recently canceled after 72 years on radio and television.

"'As The World Turns' has been a cornerstone of our business and a tremendous asset to the company," TeleNext Media [a subsidiary of Proctor & Gamble, hence, soap opera] managing director Brian T.Cahill said in a statement. Cahill said TeleNext Media was searching for a new outlet to carry both shows."

There's hope for the remaining Moms.

Source: Reuters.com


Jim Donahue said...

My grandma watched a few. "Guiding Light," "Days of Our Lives." My mom never did, though.

I caught an ep of "General Hospital" recently, basically because James Franco is doing a guest arc, and, holy crap!, was it boring. Thank God for the fast forward button.

Dave said...

The remote control coupled with a DVR is an unsung hero of our generation.

fermicat said...

Big Daddy started watching a soap in his later years. Never saw that coming.

I can't keep up with the few night time shows I watch. There is no way I could follow a daytime serial. And one of these days we really need to get a DVR for those night time shows. Although there is always the internet to catch up...

dr sardonicus said...

Back in my college days, one semester I had a break between classes while The Young And The Restless was on one of the TVs in the student union. Turned out to be one of the best ways of meeting girls I ever stumbled into.