Thursday, July 09, 2009

Computer Ennui

I can’t get the files in the external backup hard drive for the MS computer into the Mac. I hope a professional can do it tomorrow.

In the meantime, work of the ruminative kind has come to a halt.

There are some parts of Windows that aren’t evil.

Why can’t Apple have an “X” to close a program? Why do I have to read a web page to find out how to turn off the computer (command + a little key on the upper right hand side of the keyboard, which I found by mistake)? Why did the new batteries in the wireless mouse die before a day had passed, making me leave the office to buy more? Why is there no “uninstall,” rather having to drag a program icon to the trash and then having to search for remnants to kill? Why do windows open as baby windows? Why isn’t there a “make it big icon” in the upper right corner of the windows, rather than make me stretch it from the lower right hand corner? Why can’t I select text in an Email forward and then right click to delete it? Why does the plug between the computer and the monitor not fit and fall out every time you move the computer?

I’m still way pissed with Microsoft; but, I’m not in love with Apple. Yes, I’m bitching. And, I’ll figure it all out. But right now, I wish I could afford to be a Luddite.

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fermicat said...

Macs do all that stuff. It just isn't in the same spots you are used to. I had the same problems at first. Hang in there - you will figure it out.