Thursday, July 30, 2009

Plant Killer

I have a tomato plant,

gifted by a friend.

It’s sitting in the middle of the patio,

where it will get the most sun.

It looks very lonely,

and very spindly.

A cup of water,

every other day, she said.

It’s going to die, I know it,

before it bears fruit.

Life and death in my hands.


Jeni said...

Think positive thoughts there Dave! After all, if I can manage to have all kinds of veggies actually thriving in my little garden here, I have faith that with a little TLC, you can have a productive tomato plant on your deck too! (I know I have talked about this lots before but until this year, I have always been known for my "black thumb" and the ability to kill plant life in my possession. So if I can do it, you can too!)

Wendy said...

I am the same, people leave their children, houses, and pets in my care, but way. I currently have two dead plants on my window, I think I will be putting them to rest tomorrow.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

I might be the same way, but plants have never interested me long enough for me to ever find out. Aside from a science project in 2nd grade in which I sprouted a bean plant from a seed hydroponically I don't think I've personally ever cared for a plant of any kind, other than to mow the lawn.

Good luck with that.

Dave said...

On top of it all, it rained a good bit yesterday and more is scheduled today. What does that do to my watering schedule? Stress.

Sonja's Mom said...

I don't know if you can grow just one tomato plant and have it bear fruit. When we were growing tomatoes in pots, as soon as they bloomed my husband would go out and shake them, hit them with a stick or sometimes use a Q-tip to cross polinate them. Perhaps they now have tomatoes that do not have to be polinated - I don't know. If you get blossoms but no fruit, you will know why.

If it rains - don't water. They should not be allowed to dry out completely but you don't want to drown either. To much water can be as bad as to little.

Dave said...

More stress SJM. According to some research tomatoes have boy and girl parts, the shaking is to get the pollen from one to the other. Worse, they aren't "in the mood above eighty and below sixty or when it's too humid.

Kroger has them on sale.

Dave said...

Two thumb sized tomatoes since Thursday night.