Thursday, July 30, 2009

Soothing the Citizenry

Atlanta, like every other government entity in the country has money problems. Atlanta’s problems go back much further than the current economic meltdown.

Atlanta has long had a dysfunctional government. Lots of talk, lots of spending and little thought.

At the first of the year the Mayor imposed a 10% “furlough” on police and fire personnel. Each would work and be paid 10% less. That ended July 1 with a property tax increase and some stimulus money from the Feds.

Over the last couple of months we’ve had a rash of reporting on what may be a rash of violent crime - muggings, robberies and murders, blaming the crime on the lack of police. The Mayor and the Police Chief have responded that it’s a perception problem and statistics show a reduction in violent crime.

Nonetheless, they told the citizenry today that the City would deploy 139 new police officers by the end of the year. Patent pettifoggery. It is logistically impossible to find, hire and deploy that many people in five months (not to mention that about 80 cops have left the force so far this year and that the force is and for some time has been well below its authorized strength).

So, let’s sum up. There is no crime problem. We’re going to solve the non-existent problem by adding people (wink). Now go on about your business.

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Jeni said...

Or, you could move here where I live -in what a good friend of mine and I have decided must surely be the safest and most crime-free (also accident free, too) township in the nation. Well, that is if one goes by the daily police reports in our local newspaper because our township NEVER has anything to report! So therefore, we must be safe and certainly crime free then, right?