Friday, July 10, 2009

Rounding Second

I know you count on me for insightful commentary on mundane matters such as cap and trade, world peace, gay rights and the world economic meltdown; but, it’s hard to concentrate on little things when the world I live in – virtual – is in tatters.  

This post is being typed in Office 2007 on the Mac.  In the event you’re interested there’s a program called Crossover that makes Windows programs think they are on a PC.  I'm learning where Mac puts things and what it calls them.  I'm uncomfortable that everything I read says I don't need a virus program, ZoneAlarm or Spybot.

The Dell tower and external drive, with all my files on them, are in the, I hope, good hands of the Geek Squad to recover the data.  If that operation is successful, I can go back to making a living and writing drivel here.

Cross your fingers.


Kvatch said...

Dave... If you really feel the need for additional protection for the Mac, I'd suggest the NetBarrier suite from Intego.

Where virus' are concerned, having something to check email/documents on the Mac is still a very good thing. Remember that you're going to receive a lot of infected material, and a good virus protection suite will insulate you from the embarrassment of passing infected material on.

Dave said...

I'll take a look, I hadn't thought about what doesn't hurt me that I might pass on.