Thursday, July 23, 2009

Even Rick says Yankees are OK

I took a midweek jaunt to Atlantic City with Big Rick.

We won't talk about wins and losses (losses).

I'm back in town and on the couch catching up on various matters, I've realized you can't ignore the Favorites recordings on Comcast for a couple of days - I just spent five minutes deleting.

Rick was leery of dwelling among the Northerners for a couple of days. He survived and other than the losses we're not talking about, he had a good time.

I ate in a real live deli. Kosher and fresh pickles. The waitress called me Sweetie and Honey. Get a brisket sandwich with potato salad - good stuff. Since I wasn't paying, she loved my stupid tip. (If you stay at Caesar's, avoid the Roma Cafe like the plague, terrible food, rotten service.)

The be friendly, smile and talk nice trick works up north. Loquacious Rick had a field day when he turned it on. I'm a bit more laid back; but, I did have a dealer tell me to come back, I made him laugh.


Posol'stvo the Medved said...


You were within an hour's drive, and no email, no call, no nothing? I thought we were friends, Dave. I'd've bought you lunch...

S'okay, though. This week, we're a bit overwhelmed in the independent republic of posol'stvia. Deadlines and house guests conspiring together.

However, you come back up this way, you'll let us know?

Dave said...

Sorry Pos, it didn't register that I was that close. Next time.

A non-sequitur - when I went to publish this comment it shows me as "theonlydrew," strange.