Friday, August 21, 2009

Breaking with Obama and others

The sole convicted Lockerbie bomber has been sent home to die by Scotland.

Obama and others are pissed. Why is that? He is terminally ill, a few months to live.

So some Libyans cheered and shouted. Given that he killed, should we deny him a bit of solace at the end of his life? I think the Scots got it right.


Sonja's Mom said...

I'm not sure there should be solace for mass murderers. I think this sets a bad precedent. If we capture Osama Bin Laden and he developes a life ending illiness - do we let him go free for his remaining time on earth?

Lifehiker said...

The difference between civilized people and and uncivilized people often boils down to concepts like mercy. Letting him go doesn't bring the victims back or add to the length of his life.

Do you think the Iranians would have let him go, assumming he'd not already been beheaded?

fermicat said...

I am usually such a softie, but I think that if you kill a bunch of people and receive a life sentence for it, you do not deserve to get to die at home.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

I was listening to reactions to this on BBC Newshour the other morning. I guess one of the mitigating factors at play in this is the question as to whether this guy is actually guilty, or merely a scapegoat.

I don't know the gory details, but there were enough interviewees on that radio programme (spelled that way, since it is a BBC production) who doubted his guilt in the first place, including the father of one of the victims, to convince me that it was a question worth asking.

Food for thought.