Friday, August 14, 2009

Shiny Apple

It looks like I’ve solved my warranty problem, it only took about a half hour on the phone. The first guy just gave me rote no’s to my requests to schedule onsite service. He sent me to a product specialist who said that Apple doesn’t provide onsite service for Mac mini’s because special tools are needed to open them and the techs don’t carry them.

I explained that then my warranty was worthless because I couldn’t make an appointment at a store. He put me on hold to try to get me an appointment. “You’re right, I can’t get you one either. I’m going to schedule a tech to come to your office.”

Assuming the problem is the hard drive, the logic board or a SATA cable (?), which the tech will bring, I guess with special tools, I should be good to go early next week.

A round of applause for Tony at Apple!

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Dr Jenn said...

wow in a way I am glad we bought a gateway!