Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not yet, but starting to, rotting Apple

So here’s the latest on the attempt to do more than talk with people at Apple.

You can’t get an appointment, since they only give them for somewhere between the next two and three days. If you call or go on line, they don’t have any.

So this afternoon I took the computer to the Lenox Apple store (there were exactly 66 customers counting me at one point) and tried to leave the computer. I was told if I left it, it would be three to five days before it was diagnosed, then an undetermined number of days before anything was done to it. Or I could wait an hour or two and maybe have someone diagnose it at which point the undetermined number of days to fix it would start today.

So, I did what I should have done before messing with these people, I read the warranty. It turns out that I have “onsite” service for my warranty, not that any of the Apple people that I have talked to told me that.

A call to be made tomorrow morning.

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Jeni said...

Make. That. Call! Sheesh1 All that running around, then waiting, getting more and more frustrated. Darned glad you finally read the "fine print" and are going to utilize that option.