Monday, August 24, 2009

Ya'll thought Obama was a foreign policy wimp!

Guantanamo is alive and well.

Obama is hands off on CIA torture allegations letting Holder take the heat for ineffectually going after a few low level shlubs.

And now, we are going to continue to “render” terrorist suspects to foreign countries for interrogation under the Obama Administration. The big difference, the State Department, that hard charging protector of human rights, will monitor the rendees to make sure they aren’t tortured by the recipient countries.

Assuming the Administration is not snickering about its vow to not allow torture, what is gained by exporting the questioning? What other than the ability to torture does a foreign interrogator have over a US interrogator to get the truth from a suspect?

So far, Obama is Bush lite. He’s not as bellicose and belligerent with our overseas antagonists; but, we’ve added troops in Afghanistan and not too many have left Iraq, Iran pays little attention to us and is still developing nuclear weapons and funding terrorists. There seems to be an increase in killing and political instability in Iraq and Afghanistan. Though, North Korea seems to be mellowing for the moment after Bill Clinton’s visit.

Foreign policy status quo ante it seems to me.

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Anonymous said...

I thought all along that the big difference between McCain and Obama was style.

Obama has a soothing baritone voice and regal presence, while McCain looks and sounds kind of like Igor fetching a brain for Dr. Frankenstein, but their policies really weren't that different.