Friday, August 14, 2009

Fingers Crossed

The Braves start a three game series against what one local sports guy always calls the stinkin' Phillies tonight. We're something like five games back. Three wins and it's two. A loss and we don't gain much.

For most of you, this isn't much of a post. For those of us that had more than a decade of assured post-season, this is our moment to return to it.

Sorry Pos, but, you're a football guy, you've got Vick as of yesterday - I want the baseball win. (And best of luck to Vick and the Eagles, I've got a bad feeling it won't work out; but, I wish him the best.)


dr sardonicus said...

It's really not a bad situation for Vick. He was signed as a third-string quarterback, so there's no pressure on him. He's not going to play this year unless McNabb and Feeley both get hurt, or the Eagles stick him in some late-season blowouts. Also, McNabb might be a good mentor for him. He can get himself in shape this year, then look for a starting job down the line. Still, I think the odds are against him.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Sorry about that Dave. But looks like it was a good close game. I wouldn't know. I was watching preseason football.

Dr Jenn said...


fermicat said...

I think that the Braves are going to leave fans disappointed again this season.

Less than three weeks until college football starts. I don't care anything about pro football, but college ball is a lot of fun. You never know what will happen, and the game atmosphere is a blast. Great way to spend a fall afternoon.

Dave said...

I'm hoping not Fermi; though, I'm ready to be disappointed.

I've never been a college fan. I went to law school at Miami. I used to go to Mark Light Stadium to not watch the baseball game - with a student ID, admission was something like two bucks. I'd talk to people around me or read while the Hurricanes were on their way to another national championship in those days.

I could go to the football Hurricanes games for five bucks and never went; and, they were winning championships.

Part of the problem is I really don't like crowds, all the getting there, getting in and getting away.

Home and I've got the HD, a couch and a frig a few yards away. That's the way to do sports.

As I type, I'm kind of watching the PGA Championship, thinking about some dinner, surfing and trying to decide if my emotions can handle watching the Braves tonight.

Debo Blue said...

The Braves? Is baseball still on? I always thought baseball ended before FOOTBALL season started.

Maybe I just never noticed because I was watching FOOTBALL.