Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ah Facebook

The following was intended as a Facebook “Update.” I typed it in and hit Share. FB told me no dice, The piece has 532 characters, over the 400 and some character limit. Facebook is apparently Twitter quadrupled, minus a few characters.

For Atlanta readers: What was the Havana Sandwich Shop, which you know burned a couple of years ago, has now metastasized into two. The first offshoot was Havana Restaurant on Buford Hwy., just north of Clairmont. Recently opened is Havana Grill in an old fast food place in front of Northeast Plaza. The Grill is better. The "17" there is a Cuban Combo: a touch bigger, much juicer and a bit cheaper than the 17 at the Sandwich Shop or the Restaurant. Without Kool Korners, the Grill is the place to get a Cuban fix.

Now that’s short! Looks like Facebook isn’t going to work as a venue for my “short posts.”

But, 36 hours in business and I have thirteen friends. And one friend request from someone I haven’t a clue about.

I’m up-to-date about a new puppy, two people making out in a fast food parking lot, Farmville, Mafia Wars, the relative merits of the movie 2012 and a host of events in my friends' lives.

Now I have to figure out how to stop it from showing when I’m online and how to stop it from sending me an Email every time a friend posts something.


Jeni said...

I'm not exactly Facebook literate so I don't know how to stop the e-mails from arriving when your friends post (or even if friends of their post something that relates back to your posts) but I'm thinking there probably is a way that can be done.
On the other hand though, I DO KNOW that if you write a post to your blog and then, do a little intro to it on Facebook, you can then "share" that blog post there -which can and does occasionally help increase your readership then to your blog. So that's a positive in my book at any rate!
(I have to agree with someone who commented to you on your FB that if you used your name correctly on FB, it might be easier from some who are also on FB to recognize you from reading, say things on my FB and in turn, be able easier to add you to their FB -I'm thinking of Debo, Sunshine, Jenn, and a few others here.)

Wes said...

Upper RH corner: "Account"

Drop down to "Account Settings"

Click on "Notifications"

Under the e-mail, toggle on or off

Made my life much easier.

As far as not being online, simply go under the chat thing in the lower RH corner. Under "Options," click "Go offline."

Also, you can organize your friends in such a way that some can see you and others can't. This comes in very handy when you have relatives on FB.


Dave said...

Thanks Wes, I found the first two, didn't know about the selective block.

Jenn said...

open a tap and post it to "notes" will allow the entire post to publish with a hyper link to read in entirety. hope that helps for FB

are you a FB buddy of mine? you can add me if you like.

Dave said...

Jenn, there are three of you on Facebook.

Jim Donahue said...

So, you're on Facebook now and haven't friended me? :-(

Dave said...

Assuming there's only one Jim Donahue on Long Island, I'm on my way.