Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't Say it Debo: Finale

If anyone is wondering about the title of this short series, Debo is the proprieter of A Blue State of Mind (see Recommended sidebar) who chides me for buying gadgets. I'd vow that this is the last gadget, but I'd probably be struck by lightning.

Anyway, the system is in and up and running with the help of Bill the Engineer. My problem at the end of last evening, that I could get sound on TV and a DVD but no picture, was the result of the first rule of electronics: somewhere along the line an HDMI cable had pulled out of its port and I hadn't rechecked connections. It doesn't bother me that the TV says the picture is coming in on HDMI 1 and the system says that the sound is on HDMI 2 - it works.

We will return to regular programming here at Rather Than Working soon.

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