Friday, April 09, 2010

Is Sarah Palin worthy of a response from the President?

Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate for President in 2012 would be the fulfillment of the Democrats’ fondest wishes. Can you imagine the multiple daily gaffes? The debates? Priceless.

That said, why did Obama engage in a media spat with her about the nuclear treaty he just signed? Flippancy and the absence of substance are her middle names. Tit for tat does not become the President.

If a response was necessary, would it make more sense for say the Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs to note, as Obama said, that the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs (notorious wimpy pacifists) were on board with the treaty. And maybe go a bit further and wryly note that most responsible Republicans were also on board?

Sometimes off the cuff is good, more often it is not.

To use Palin’s playground bully analogy, sometimes it’s appropriate to let the ineffectual bully punch you in the gut. And smile. Letting others comment on the silly bully.


Anonymous said...

One of the talking heads on CNN said that Sarah has a talent for sound bites. I think that's probably her only talent.

dr sardonicus said...

Don't forget, she can also kill a moose from a helicopter, and she can see Russia from her house.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Shit, I can see Russia from my house... Via Google Maps.

Me for President, 2012!

Dave said...

I thought it was a wolf. And, I'll go for a triumvirte. Google doesn't like my spelling of a triune, hell it doesn't like that spelling either, a three, good it accepts that, person presidency.

j said...

He has to go after her because finding fault with his own VP would be bad form.

Biden's only job was to count the bailout money and jobs created. How's that going so far? Their own website is at odds with the numbers BO is touting.

I'm sure that you all are kidding with the 'see russia from my house' comment but please recall that it was Tina Fey who actually said it on SNL. How about Mr. "stand up Chuck we can't see you, oh you're in a wheel chair, oops"
Biden creates more gaffs in a day that Palin does all year.

Dave said...

Make you a deal J, let's dump Joe and Sarah in '12. Both would make a scary President.

Dave said...

J, I went back and looked at what Palin said that Fey mocked. It's plenty bad enough, though I agree Biden can be as bad.