Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't say it Debo

In my own defense, I wouldn’t be doing this had the Blu-ray player not crapped out, which it did over the weekend.

I’m getting an all the bells and whistles home theater system with Blu-ray, wireless Internet and network connectivity, seven speakers (rear wireless), 2 HDMI in, and a bunch of other stuff of which I know not.

Stop laughing Debo.


fermicat said...

You're already on your second Blu-Ray system? Wow, I'm even more behind the times than I thought. I still have a *gasp* VCR hooked up, although I haven't used it in ages.

Jenn said...


If they expand technology beyond Blu-day, please don't evolve with it! LOL. Your already a really smart and tech savvy man, please don't encourage engineers to find a reason for me to upgrade my collection for a 5th time (Beta Max, VCR, DVD, Blu-ray). TY in advance.