Thursday, April 08, 2010


Spirit Airlines is all over the news with its new charge to put a bag in the overhead bin. I just read that Ryanair is again considering making its toilets coin operated.

Read your Internet or cell phone bill and find all the little “fees” that are really just increases to the “low” price you hear in the advertisements.

While beverages and desserts have traditionally been “unbundled” on restaurant menus, I’ve noticed that main dish prices are holding steady accompanied by spikes in drink and dessert prices.

I met my friend the cop for lunch yesterday at a middle of the road chain restaurant. I had a kind of French dip sandwich* and fries with a pretty good pickle slice. Not too bad and not overly expensive at $7.99. Then I looked at the bill and found out my iced tea was $2.39, about a third of the price of the meal, beyond the unreasonable line.

* Beef on ‘Weck Pos, not too bad, a touch salty.


Lifehiker said...

$2.39 for iced tea? Thank you, I'll just have water, please.

We eat out too often. I know it would be bad for the economy, but "brown-bagging" may become more normal if prices keep going up like this.

The Curmudgeon said...

I may have lunch outside my office every other month. Maybe less. Brown-bagging became normal for me a long time ago. When the kids are finally out of school, I wonder if I'll start going out to lunch again? I kind of doubt it.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

I had water with lunch today. Thanks for shattering my innocence.