Sunday, April 04, 2010

Cliche: Teenager Wanted

I have a buzz in the home theater sound system. Then there’s the fact that the system speakers are unbalanced.

Then there are the mini-speakers that I’ve hooked to the Apple Airfoil specialized sub-WiFi network to play Pandora and music I’ve stored on the computer. The problem? I can’t get the main-left speaker to talk.

Then there’s the fact that I have four remotes, which operate together, but inconsistently. Three of them are Samsung remotes that are all supposed operate the other devices (TV, theater and Blu-ray). Then there is the Comcast remote that is also supposed to turn on and off the other devices. They don’t play well together. Sometimes you “turn off” the system and it turns off. Then sometimes, not.

There are lots of wires and there are the aforementioned WiFi and sub-WiFi systems.

I won’t bore you with the Comcast bedroom remote and its love/hate relationship with the TV and the cable box on top of the TV.

Debo, don’t say it.


Keith said...

Say it Debo. :-)

fermicat said...

We also have four remotes. I have to write up detailed instructions (with pictures) when Mom comes to house sit.

Left speaker not working sounds like a wiring fault. Or something is set for mono instead of stereo.

Dave said...

So Fermi, write me some instructions. I hit the same button and it does something different. An example, I just fired up the system by clicking the Comcast remote which normally turns on the TV (it never turns on the theater system). It didn't. So I clicked the TV remote. All is well. Then there's the problem of the TV won't shut off via the remote. I need a flow chart Fermi, or a teenager.

Where are you Debo?

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Left speaker not working could be a wiring fault, or it coul dbe something more sinister, like a fried amp circuit.

As for your remote issues, if you have a single remote that's designed to turn more than one device off, of course you know that you need to have a clear line of site between the remote and devices. I've found that I need to find the right angle as well...