Monday, June 07, 2010

Betext and Between

So, Georgia just passed a no texting law.  That's a good idea, you just can't do it and drive.  Indeed, the competence of Metro Atlanta drivers is challenged to begin with.

You've followed someone on a road going five miles below the speed limit and using "all" of the lane, passed them and saw that they had a cellphone at their ear?  Escalate that distraction by them tapping into their phone and you have a big problem.

But I just read an article summarizing the provisions of our new law.  I'm allowed to tap numbers in to make a phone call, and the phone conversation itself with its distractions is quite legal.  And, I can use my cell phone as a "navigational device" while driving with no penalty.  Ever try to use Google Navigation, the input part, while driving?  Not a good idea.

And how's a cop supposed to know what kind of tapping you are doing?

I guess prosecutors are going to start issuing subpoenas for cellphone records for traffic citations.


fermicat said...

It is a start, but I've noticed a very high correlation between people on the road that I think are idiots and the same people yakking on their cell phones while driving. Maybe some of them are texting, but I can't see that from the driver's seat of my car. But it is easy enough to see the hand by their ear holding the cell phone...

Dave said...

Had one of them pull out of a parking lot on to Windy Hill in front of me on Sunday, she then did 35 mph on the ramp to I-75 South, speeding up to 45 when she hit the expressway. As I passed her, she was chatting. She never saw me.