Monday, June 21, 2010

Of Yachts, Baseball and Golf

We have news of the BP guy jetting off to the Isle of Wight to watch his yacht in a race around the island.

Today, I saw a piece that didn’t reference criticism, but I assume there was some, where the White House press people were defending Obama going to a baseball game Friday night with his daughters and playing golf on Saturday afternoon.

My totally objectively indefensible take is that the BP guy is stupid. With all of the bad PR BP has had, self-inflicted much of it, you don’t get onto a private jet and fly across the Atlantic to watch a yacht race, especially when you own a piece of one of the yachts.

Obama? Again, objectively, maybe he shouldn’t; but, he can’t go to a night game to watch the new amazing Nationals pitcher with his kids and then grab an afternoon hitting balls? Baseball, mom and apple pie. Golf, just a touch upper middle class.

White House PR? Probably not a good idea to have Rahm Emmanuel ripping the BP guy on the Sunday morning shows just after his boss was recreating rather than studying up on deep sea drilling and capping technology.


Big Mark 243 said...

Because it is so Americana, you get a pass on taking your family to see Steven Strasburg. Whether he becomes an alltimer, or is getting ready to be Mark Fidrych, is up to fate. Right now he is a phenom that millions of Americans can understand the seizing of the opportunity to go see him pitch.

As far as Rahm ripping into the cat from BP..? That is what attack dogs do when someone gets in range, they attack. And nothing could have been worse for Tony Heyward than to go off to something so elitist as a yacht race off the Isle of Wight, confirming how out of to common people, especially in light of what the Swede from BP said recently...

The Curmudgeon said...

I may not be Mr. Obama's biggest fan, but I had NO problem with this. What good is it being President if you can't get out of the house on a Friday evening to watch your hometown team play the local lads at the D.C. stadium?

Not even close to comparable, IMHO, with Mr. Heyward's jaunt to the Isle of Wight. Go back and read the last week or so of Doonesbury. I'm beginning to think that Uncle Duke was providing PR advice to BP. Trudeau missed on only one point -- even Halliburton comes off good in comparison to BP....